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Southern Cross Kenya Aid to Educate


Southern Cross Kenya Infant & Primary School, Bombo Village, Mombasa, KENYA

These are the projects we have completed and planned 

During our second visit in October / November 2010 we purchased ½ an acre of land on which we built 3 classrooms of stone and cement with a thatched roof. Southern Cross Kenya Infant & Primary School opened in January 2011. 

We decided that our school would only take in orphans or single parent children and set up a sponsorship program. We started the school with 60 students ranging in age from 4 years to 14 years We increased this to 90 students for the start of 2012 and continued to grow opening in January 2013, with 110 students. We then expanded to 145 students in 2014 and commenced 2015 with 160 children.

During my fourth visit in Dec 2012 I saw the commencement of a large building project and with further construction in Dec 2014 we now have five classrooms, an office / staffroom and kitchen and storeroom. The playground area was levelled and an area for a vegetable garden created.

I visited the school in January and December in 2014, during which time food parcels were organised for each family of the children in our program. Every child received a Christmas gift in 2013 & 2014.

We have a staff of 5 full time teachers. We also employ a Community Liasons Officer and School Administrator. The classes range from Kindergarten to Class Eight. We are now registered with the Ministry of Education, which was a long and complex procedure. This alters our status from a village school to an official Primary School and enables our Year eight students to sit the National exam at the end of the year. Their results from this exam determine their entry to High School.

Some of our projects have included bringing a water pipe into the school to provide running water. We introduce a lunch program to provide all our students with a cooked midday meal. Towards the end of 2012 we commenced a Medical Health Care program so that we now hold regular clinics at the school and any child who is unwell or injured receives medical attention at a local clinic. Two of our boys are HIV positive and receive medication and medical care to manage their condition. Several of our parent/guardians are also HIV positive.

The Rotary Club of Karrinyup have been very supportive.  A generous donation from the club funded a large rainwater tank and further donations assisted us to fund our lunch program.

We are also committed to not giving handouts but to setting up sustainable income producing projects. We have purchased a charcoal oven for a baking group of ladies and also 3 treadle sewing machines for another group. We have recently funded a soap making group and another group opened a stall selling hot food such as chapattis and beans. Currently we also have a group setting up a poultry business and a further group of ladies were given funds to set up a small food stall. Our aim is to direct ALL funds raised to the people in the most effective way thus empowering them to help themselves. 

Together we can continue to make a huge difference in the lives of the children and families of Southern Cross Kenya Primary School and Bombo Village, Mombasa, Kenya.

DEC 2014